An engineering graduate from the French school INSA (National Institute of Applied Sciences) in 1989, I have acquired expertise in exploration, practice, development and transmission skills, for all types of functional activities in the field of methods and governance. This expertise covers the « classical » approaches (V model, top down, ISO 9001 standard) but also innovative approaches such as agility, collaborative arrangements, participatory innovation, Action-Research… I have worked in consulting firms and in companies, such as Cap Gemini, La Française des Jeux, Pinault-Printemps-La Redoute and Total.


Co-founder in 2013 of the movement “Apprendre Ensemble”, I have been animating this network, strong in its 90 members from varied social and professional backgrounds, of all ages and origins. It aims at exploring the changes that are being experienced in the world of work. We also learn from multi-faceted experiences and points of view from unrestrained sources, in order to understand for ourself and for our project and then open access to new methods.


Since 2013, I have been personally developing an accompanying approach in individual or collective dynamics for private individuals, independent workers, associations, institutions or companies: ABCDE - Elisabeth BRIGANT, Apprendre par la Boussole Consciente des Dynamiques Energiques (“Learn through the conscious compass of energic dynamics”). As you know, your perspective worked so far but now lacks certain dynamics, for you and/or your organisation, and in order to attune the person that you are and your way of doing, to renew and feed the ability of your teams to work together, think of me as the springboard that will lead you from raising your awareness to the realisation of your dreams. I bring out the hidden sides of any project, any situation, any profession, any ecosystem…. which emanate from existing visions and also from what actually is.


What for? To strengthen together the own power of each one of us, to transform what already is, to express ourselves by taking action to allow the Power to act precisely according to the direction that each reaches towards, be it individual or collective.



By exploring a situation in all its complexity and dimension

Hearing/ listening to  experiences and points of view

Learning to eventually understand that particular situations & willingly/consciously accessing new ways of being, thinking and acting. For oneself and/or for the Group and its project.

Developing each one’s capacity to take action & his/her ability for implemention.

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