Together, let's develop our power to reflect and take action

Together we explore, learn, understand, access directly and consciously ways of being/thinking/acting for ourself and our project.

As a consequence, we deploy our capacity to act & our ability to implement. Through our own power to transform what already is and to express ourselves with actions, we allow our power to act upon our drive...

This spiral emerged - wholly and consciously - throughout the years 2014 and 2015. Beforehand, we have put in place a network linked to the world of work and intended for all Civil Society stakeholders: "Apprendre Ensemble", a community that aims at collectively developing our reflecion and action power to serve our projects.

ABCDE has given it a name: our Compass! It's collective, even ascending.

To create cooperation relations - mutual enrichment


The objective is to purposefully provoke links and connections. In other words, relationships between people that are neither professionnal nor personnal. Those encounters - through mutual aid and understanding, co-construction in-between members of the movement - aim at enriching and developing oneself and the others, as well as projects and intentions.


Which angle? Which theme?

The work, with no limits in directions, discipline or field/area and through all its aspects - activity, result, execution and conditions.


Il is about developing a reflective network in the work. The work is considered as an action that would produce a useful effect as a result. (" production action with a useful benefit/effect, and result/product of this action")

To develop a reflection network in connection with the work


This can only happen according to the following previously agreed and appropriate measures:

  • To build a network - a people's assembly brought together during plenary encounters or even intersessions.
  • To create a friendly atmosphere, welvoming facilities, with easy access.
  • To cross all viewpoints and thus feed and deploy everyone's reflection, to strengthen one's mind through the contribution of others.
  • To enlarge the thinking, like the tentacles of an intelligent octopus, to examine an idea, a problem, a question.
  • To observe signs and meanings emerge through that hologram and through this natural process: the network to weave the exchanges and to boost the reflection.

Also through an adequate posture:

  • To wilfully listen, that is to say pay attention to what is heard.
  • To welcome in an open-minded way, with empathy, believe in what you hear.
  • To really hear: to perveive, listen to the meaning of the words.
  • To understanding it, to give it its own meaning without interpreting it.



To listel to - hear varied experiences and learn about oneself and one's project


Listenig - hearing what? From whom?

Experiences, as experienced facts that represent knowledge developed by the senses and the intelligence and acquired by the use and the contact of the work world reality and life. This allows potential transpositions, in this case other ways tu put in practive, for instance.

Experiences as "trials" to verify hypotheses, test models with their underlying ways of thinking in order to make one's own apparent.

These experiences are diverse, they have to be as to bear an interest for all types of people, with opposite tempers, in distinct contexts and with different perceptions.

To push forward one's project by benefitting from advices in response to questions


To listen / hear different/diverse experiences for what?

To learn something (receive it, embrace it) and teach the others (to give, transmit, forward, relay, pass out...)


What we aim at is oneself as an active individual, fully conscious of the phenomenon - and a tight connection with one's own project and what one intends to do, where one is willing to reach.


To listen - hear varied experiences and learn about oneself and one's project, means trigger a virtuous dynamic for oneself and for one's project as two intrinsic elements.

To collectively experiment ways of doing


Which effects?

The point is for everyone to use to their best advantages these opinions that come from the diverse experiences, the know-how and visions. These reference points that are being shared can reassure, guide, inspire, structure and bring your projects and intentions forward, wherever you're at on your journey. Everyone can buid from there. Wherever you find yourself at, in terms of project.


Everyone discovers and learns through his own personal experiences and feelings. There is no need to go through external references, experts and specialists. A direct relationship is established between oneself and this way of learning.It happens through the act, the move and the emotions. This happens naturally during meetings that include practical workshops or even through experimentations in small groups such as, field survey work on a job or a type of situation. It can be applied in proximity but also to eco-systems and geographic areas.



To develop our power to take action

Together we explore, learn, understand and find a direct and conscious access to ways of being, thinking and acting for ourself and for our project. Let us reap the rewards/the fruits/benefits of it!


By doing this, we deploy our capacity to act and our ability to implement. We deploy our own power to transform what already is and to express ourselves by taking action to allow the Power to act precisely according to the direction that each reaches towards, be it individual or collective.

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