Since the origins of Humanity, we have always understood the world through transcendental or immanent ways of thinking.

First of all, the transcendental Dynamic appears through the image od the Unique God - whatever the name you give it. Then through Science and the will/capacity of Man to understand in order to verbalize, control, even transform nature until modernity and the  industrial revolution, followed by the advent of models to produce, organise, work and build a large-scale Society. Those are the dominant ways of thinking, in the Western world in particular where everything is apprehended with exteriority and where the mental is King.


Second, the immanent Dynamic preceded all of this. It is omnipresent in times of our remote ancestors, long before the Unique God. Man lives connected with nature, earth and cosmos. The understanding of the world and reality cannot be separate from each one's life experiences, individually or collectively, and their intimate appropriation of them. A particularly elaborate knowledge is then developed and transmitted. In fields like medicine or astronomy... This knowledge may be at times officially and scientifically (re)discovered, millenia later.


Those are minority ways of thinking in which interiority is a source of expansion. The heart, the mind and the body are one. The thought is just one sense out of five: sight, hearing, tasting, smelling and touch.


Although dismissed by the Unique God, those minority ways of thinking don't disappear and remain "informal" - at the best, relegated to popular knowledge and shamanic practices. The immanence, however, resurges in broad daylight during particular times of History - turning points - and is carried out by atypical voices at their times:


Montaigne as the wars of religion rage.


Spinoza: a portuguese citizen exiled in Holland during the Inquisition; a jew banished from his community for "unorthodox thinking", when Descartes dominates the world of thought with "Je pense donc Je suis ("I think therefore I am").


Nietzsche as the industrial revolution spreads in Europe.



Albert CAMUS

Camus, during the horrors of WWII and the proven ability of Man to destroy the Planet with atomic power, on his mere will.

Bearing in mind the increasingly strong links between quantic physics and shamanic phenomena.

Thus, immanence reoccurs during moments of trouble and tensions between the established vision of the world and the produced effects, as if paving the way towards other realities.


We are currently living a turning point of History. Have we not reached the limits of a vision, the one of the infinite growth? Are we not witnessing the mirages of this Western wealth model, to the detriment of a whole part of the population? And what about the total disconnection between the organisation mode of the work and the reality lived by employees-citizens-inhabitants of the World, all faced with the risk of burn out and others ethic sufferings going crescendo? Evidently, those who search - growing number - experiment other paths over time.

Kawakita JIRO

Conscious of the power of immanence during such a period, I improved my methodology practices by including "field" approaches from Anthropology (Kawakita Jiro), Rupture Management (Shoji Shiba) and Existential Action-Research (René Barbier).


Until I bowed to the evidence that "bottom-up" approaches allow to remain faithful to each one's lived experience and to powerfully project a vision that matches everyone's reality, individually and collectively. Even when going from "truncated" realities. Those produce the same things more and the similar symptoms more, instead of more life...

The "Boussole ABCDE" (ABCDE Compass) then imposed itself: a hybridisation between the immanent "field" approach (through surveys for instance) and vitalist Dynamic inspired by the creator circle of the five elements (The Compass). Each one can thus, individually or collectively, learn from his Compass and the energic dynamics that put in movement. Hence, each person, individually or collectively, expands his own reality and consciously strengthens his actions to allow the Power to act precisely according to the direction the he/she/they reache(s) towards.

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