Learn through the conscious compass of energic dynamics

Apprendre par la Boussole Consciente des Dynamiques Energiques

You are a Private Individual, an Independent Worker, an Association, an Institution or a Companie? This item is of interest to you...

Since 2015, ABCDE by Elisabeth BRIGANT accompanies you to build your own, individual or collective, Compass to learn/understand the energic dynamics that put in movement, to access directly and consciously new ways of being/thinking / acting for yourself and for your projects.

Our skills: “taylor-made” approach to suit your situation and your projects.

23 Compasses / 414 Contributions:

  • Development of independant or entreprenarial activity
  • Perspectives on a job changes (Competitive Intelligence) in digital times
  • Solidarity Dynamic viewed by the ecosystem's players
  • Organisationnal & People Management in 2030
  • Advent and amplification of professional transition
  • ...

Working sessions together, practical workshops, experimentations in small groups, field surveys work on a job or a type of situation, applied in proximity but also to ecosystems and geographic areas.


2018 with your Compass by ABCDE

By Elisabeth BRIGANT

Published on January 1st, 2018


Build your Compass and create dynamics to meet your professionnal expectations.


I invite you to watch the video, just a few minutes, to lead to a better understanding of what the ABCDE Compass can give you.

In this way, you can see principles and effects of the Compass before applying it, individually or collectively.


It’s your turn !



Apprendre par la Boussole Consciente des Dynamiques Energiques

Ensemble, oeuvrons avec notre puissance d'agir


mob: +33 (0)6 63 42 07 25 


*The Perception of a Computer Engineer – ex “Product Philosopher” /  Google, *The Comprehension of a Mechanics Philosopher & *The Vision of a film-director

By Elisabeth BRIGANT

Published on July 12, 2016

Our Aladdin’s magic lamp puts light on the effect “quick” and invasive of the news, the internet, the media… The Magic happens with fluidity, just like the energy dynamics, constantly changing.

Here comes the manifestation of underlying affinities, along with the True awareness. As well as, finally, the understanding. From there can the concretisation easily happen …


Boomerang effect

A Dynamic and Vitalist Decoding...


Since the origins of Humanity, we have always understood the world through transcendental or immanent ways of thinking.


First of all, the transcendental Dynamic appears through the image od the Unique God - whatever the name you give it. Then through Science and the will/capacity of Man to understand in order to verbalize, control, even transform nature until modernity and the  industrial revolution, followed by the advent of models to produce, organise, work and build a large-scale Society. Those are the dominant ways of thinking, in the Western world in particular where everything is apprehended with exteriority and where the mental is King....


Together, let's develop our power to reflect and take action


Together we explore, learn, understand, access directly and consciously ways of being/thinking/acting for ourself and our project.


As a consequence, we deploy our capacity to act & our ability to implement. Through our own power to transform what already is and to express ourselves with actions, we allow our power to act upon our drive...


Who I am

Caatalyst & Accompaniment


An engineering graduate from the French school INSA (National Institute of Applied Sciences) in 1989, I have acquired expertise in exploration, practice, development and transmission skills, for all types of functional activities in the field of methods and governance. This expertise covers the « classical » approaches (V model, top down, ISO 9001 standard) but also innovative approaches such as agility, collaborative arrangements, participatory innovation, Action-Research… I have worked in consulting firms and in companies, such as Cap Gemini, La Française des Jeux, Pinault-Printemps-La Redoute and Total.


Co-founder in 2013 of the movement “Apprendre Ensemble”, I have been animating this network, strong in its 90 members from varied social and professional backgrounds, of all ages and origins. It aims at exploring the changes that are being experienced in the world of work. We also learn from multi-faceted experiences and points of view from unrestrained sources, in order to understand for ourself and for our project and then open access to new methods.


Since 2013, I have been personally developing an accompanying approach in individual or collective dynamics for private individuals, independent workers, associations or companies: ABCDE - Elisabeth BRIGANT, Apprendre par la Boussole Consciente des Dynamiques Energiques (“Learn through the conscious compass of energic dynamics”)...

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